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Locating Your Emergency Lights

Changes in Direction / Corridor Junctions


Well lit escape routes allow users to navigate their way out of buildings safely in an emergency.


Stairways on escape routes can be hazardous to users making it essential that they are well lit in an emergency.

Steps & Ramps

Uneven flooring on escape routes needs to be illuminated so that in an emergency users can act accordingly.

Fire & First Aid Points

It is vital that fire points and first aid points are made clear to users in emergency situations.

Exit Doors (External & Internal)

Making exit doors on escape routes illuminated to users is critical in emergency situations.


Escalators can cause serious confusion and present a major hazard for users in an emergency.

Lifts / Elevators

Emergency lighting in lifts is essential, helping to reduce panic for users and also illuminate important information.


Due to the nature of an emergency, all areas of a building need to be covered with emergency lighting.

Generators / High Physical Risks

Areas with heavy machinery and physical risk need to be kept well lit to allow to shut down the machines and to avoid injury

Large Open Areas

Where escape routes may not be very obvious due to large open spaces, the whole area needs illuminating.

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