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Phoenix Data Combi 2501 - Fire Data Safe for Digital Media

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The Phoenix 2501 Data Combi fireproof safe is suitable for storing cash, valuables, paper documents and digital media (cd's, dvd's etc). Not only does the safe have a 120 minute fire protection but also a cash rating of £2,500 and a £25,000 valuables rating and is fitted with an electronic lock that can be programmed with a 16 digit code. The 2501 is perfect for domestic and small business use.
  • 120 minutes fire protection at temperatures of 1090°C
  • Overnight insurance rating: £2,500 cash, £25,000 valuables
  • High security electronic lock programmable with users own code up to 16 digits
  • Main compartment: Certified to NT Fire 017-120 Paper
  • Data compartment: Certified to NT Fire 017-120 Diskette
  • Complete with 1 shelf and 1 drawer
  • Floor mounting upgrade available at checkout
  • Automatic panic door locking
  • Weight: 97kg
  • Free delivery to your door (5-7 working days) - Optional upgrade to indoor delivery is also available
  • 2 year warranty (materials and labour)
  • Lifetime after the fire replacement guarantee
  • View the Data Capacity

Maximum Data Capacity:

Media Type
Media Dimensions
3.5" Diskette 93x90x3.6mm 236
DC2000 86x66x18mm 54
Video 8 102x70x20mm 30
4mm DAT Tape 80x60x15mm 69
8mm DAT Tape 68x105x20mm 39
CD Rom 142x125x10mm 18
Sysquest 99x98x10mm 44
Zip Drive 100x100x12mm 24
Jaz Drive 135x135x20mm 10
DLT Cartridge 110x110x30mm 12
LTO 110x114x30mm 12
Please note: The quantity represents the maximum number the data protection insert will hold if filled completely with that particular type of media.
Chiedere informazioni per particolari situazioni di consegna . La consegna si intende a piano terra.

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Codice Prodotto PSDS2501
Peso 97.00kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) Internal (Data Compartment): 110x275x230mm
External: 720x500x500mm
Internal (Paper Section): 215x375x330mm
Internal (lockable Drawer): 100x375x330mm
Capacity Data Protection Insert: 7 litres
Main safe: 63 litres
Door Swing 440mm
Number of Doors One
Shelves One
Drawers One (lockable)
Dimensioni Esterne 720x500x500mm
Dimensioni Interne
Dimensione Esterne (HxLxP)


Modello Prezzo Peso
DS2501K-Cassaforte ignifuga con serratura a doppia mappa
Product Code:

€1.525,00 IVA incl.

€1.250,00 IVA esclusa

DS2501E-Cassaforte con serratura elettronica
Product Code:

€1.891,00 IVA incl.

€1.550,00 IVA esclusa

DS2501F-Cassaforte con serratura biometrica
Product Code:

€2.013,00 IVA incl.

€1.650,00 IVA esclusa


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